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torstai, 08 marraskuu 2018 15:16

Christmas Sermon 2018


By Archmandrite Alexi, Patriarchate of Antioch

"Heaven and Earth are made one today, for Christ is born. Today God is come upon the earth, and man is gone up into the Heavens. Today He Who by nature is invisible, for man's sake is seen in the flesh. For this cause, let us also give glory and cry out to Him: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, which Thy coming hath bestowed upon us; O our Savior, glory be to Thee."

A close partnership between Finland and Moldova has lasted for the past eight years, and has consisted of a variety of projects. Guided by the common principles of community cohesion, social justice and belief in gender equality, two NGOs, Filantropia (Finland) and Soarta (Moldova) felt compelled to be part of meaningful change in the local communities of Soroca and Moldova.

tiistai, 09 joulukuu 2014 11:47

Crisis in Syria: Responses and Resources

By Grant S. White

The conflicts in Iraq and Syria have displaced millions of people, leading to suffering on a scale difficult to grasp. One of the effects of these conflicts has been the persecution of the native Christian populations of Iraq and Syria. These people, who have lived in their villages, towns, and cities for centuries, have been expelled, harassed, and murdered by forces intent on removing the Christian presence from Iraq and Syria, as well as that of any religious community that does not adhere to their interpretation and practice of Islam. According to the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) nearly 11 million people in Syria have been displaced, 6.5 million of which are internally displaced.

tiistai, 28 lokakuu 2014 12:38

Seminary development project in Nairobi

By Fr. Rauno Pietarinen

The Mission Team of the Orthodox Church Aid and Missions FILANTROPIA (Finland) visited in October 2014 the Orthodox Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya, officially called  ”Orthodox Patriarchal Ecclesiastical School: Makarios III Archbishop of Cyprus”.

Metropolitan Geevarghese Mor Coorilos is a bishop of the Diocese of Niranam of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Kerala, Southern India. He spoke about the religious field and situation of churches especially in India in a Seminar that was held in the Cultural Centre Sofia, Helsinki, on Monday 15th of September 2014.

Doctor of Theology and a member of Filantropia's Board of Directors Grant S. White is participating to a Consultation between Orthodox and Evangelical mission leaders in the monastery of St. Vlash in Albania 15.–19.9.2014.
The typhoon that landed to the Philippines on the 8th of November has left destruction and anguish to its wake.
tiistai, 05 marraskuu 2013 14:08

Greetings from Lobere

On Tuesday 28th of October Filantropia got an e-mail from John Sigilai, the principal of Lobere primary school in Kenya.

tiistai, 29 lokakuu 2013 12:43

Why are missions and diaconia important?

Filantropia reached out to its friends around the world and asked why it is important for the church to reach out in the forms of missions and diaconia.

perjantai, 18 lokakuu 2013 18:02

Mission from the Margins

By Grant S. White

“Margin” is an interesting word. It can mean what is at the edge, what defines the shape of the text on a piece of paper or on a screen. A margin can be the “wiggle room” you have when doing something, as in the so-called “margin of error.” To be on the margins means to be at the very edge of something or some group, or to be beyond the defined boundaries of a group (for example, a group of friends, work colleagues, a church, society).

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